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20 ноября 2018, 12:39

GEEK PICK: Apple iPhone SE, The Last Good iPhone

Stay on target

Recently I got to live through a nightmare that surely plagues every tech journalist/generally Extremely Online person in 2018. I broke my phone. Specifically, I dropped my phone in the toilet and could barely extract all of its key data before the water damage made my touch screen act like it was possessed by a ghost.

Actually solving this issue only took a few days thankfully enough. All of my important information (music mostly) was backed up elsewhere, and I just put my SIM card in a cheap burner Android phone for emergency calls/texts while waiting on repairs. But even just those few hours of having to figure out how to go about my normal life (including going on a trip back home) with a phone-shaped hole in the middle of it was the most Black Mirror thing of “Wow I guess I am way too dependent on technology.”

When it came time to get my new phone, the very helpful folks at Best Buy Geek Squad gave me a choice. Keep my iPhone SE or upgrade to a newer iPhone. For me the choice was obvious: the iPhone SE is still the last good iPhone.

Granted, some of my reasoning was economic. Buying a replacement iPhone SE is like a third of the price of the $1,000 iPhone X, a phone that’s about to be left behind anyway once Apple announces a successor this week to be cool again. But the A9-powered 2016 iPhone SE to me really is still the most technically capable iPhone that doesn’t have the later compromises I simply don’t think are worth it.

The iPhone 5 body, while tragically not water-resistant, is still durable and elegant, sleek and flat. It feels of a piece with the iPhone 4, still the most iconic iPhone design. But most importantly, at four inches it isn’t the stupid bloated monstrosity all smartphones insist on being now. I can enjoy the convenience of the latest iOS with one hand and not even think about it.

Actually, the most important feature of the iPhone SE is that it’s the last iPhone still offering consumers the basic courtesy of a headphone jack, a headphone jack I may have filled with rice trying to dry the phone out. The lack of a headphone jack, that common and expected functionality, is the main reason why I didn’t try to hold out for the rumored, ruined iPhone SE 2, which may also see an arbitrary size increase along with other stuff no one needs like face-stealing animoji.

The iPhone SE definitely isn’t the newest or shiniest iPhone. For that, just look out for our coverage of Apple’s event later this week. But when it comes to features, feel, and financial investment, I still think the iPhone SE is far and away the best iPhone. So free yourself from the current hype cycle and make it your next iPhone pick. For more on iPhone read these rumors about iPhone 9 and useful features you didn’t know your iPhone had.

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Source: https://www.geek.com/shop/geek-pick-apple-iphone-se-the-last-good-iphone-1751881/?source=iphone